At kada plaza, the arcade comprises of four units, designed to give our teeming customers an unforgettable experience.

These units are: The Playtime, The Bumper Ride,  The Yummy Yummy , The Zozo Café.

The Playtime

A merry heart doeth good like medicine thus goes the common maxim.
The playtime section ensures that the very much neglected tool of amusement is brought back to active use in achieving balance of soul and body.
Here, we deliberately move people (our customers) from their usual mode of living and relaxation to a totally new way of enjoyment that throws an exceptional experience in our relaxation habit.
This experience cuts across all age brackets and tends to offer some advantages as:
  • Interaction between people of like minds.
  • Bonding amongst family members, friends etc.
  • Break from work, school, business and other life pressures.
While we deliver support and value to our customers and stakeholders, we also ensure to particularly leave our customers with a thrill and excitement through our wide range of fun games that will create more patronage.
Remember: all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

The Bump

Here, we offer a car ride which knock or collides with others offering a jolting movement as you ride. The game is very practical as it offers a real thrill and excitement which leaves a lasting impression as you walk away from the arena.
The bumper car ride is very different from the usual merry-go-round we know around here as it creates, in the mind of the rider an apprehension for more enjoyment.
The Yummy Yummy
As the name implies, our yummy yummy section offers a lot of attractive, alluring, inviting and plemurable range of items such as ice-cream with  blends of flavors, candies, chocolates, drinks, yoghurts, juices ,etc.
Our yummy yummy section is such an exciting place here as it promotes family bonding and interaction. Watching children and adults wear a smile on their faces as they are being handed a cup of our ice-cream is quite fulfilling.
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