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The Good Husband

MARTIN is the greatest marriage counselor whose life mission is to mend and restore marriages. He is saddened by recent official statistics which reveals that the family unit is under attack based on many reasons ranging from economic to moral. However, while building his counselling ministry with utmost passion, Martin is under the illusion that his home is exemplary.

ROSA, Martin’s wife, has a face that might be kind if she would only smile, but the elementary understanding of her needs by her absentee husband has made that impossible. Subsequently, the frustration from lack of attention from Martin and his pedestrian approach to her complaints will force Rosa to become a victim of a rundown conscience, insistent on wielding the machete of divorce to bring down the perfect life of Martin.

The ups and downs of marriages in this film is explored through other CHARACTERS cutting across religion and tribe. Not any of the COUPLES are spared as each battle for control in their respective marriages. The challenges in these relationships are relatable, and the approach to thoroughly examine the subject matter is refreshing.
Through the pains and struggles of the different couples, the theme of effective communication, sacrifice and compromise will be learnt as simple tools to be acknowledged in the complicated journey of matrimony.


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