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It’s Monday and it’s Buy One Get One Free


Time to kick some space alien ass. Independence Day: Resurgence is now playing in cinemas.



North East

buy one3

Actor OC Ukeje leads a fine ensemble in the Nollywood drama North East! The film also features stellar performances from Ini Dima Okojie, Gbenga Titiloye and the adorable Carol King.

Nice2 nice1

#TheNiceGuys is bringing LA noir back.

See the film that has everyone talking. ‪#‎TheNiceGuys‬



  1. Is now you see me still showing?

  2. What’s the Monday package like? Is it just buy one get one free,or are there other benefits like popcorn and drink?

  3. Sure there is! for instance you come with an extra person, you buy one movie ticket the other person gets one for free, buy popcorn and the other person gets one for free, you buy drink the other person also gets one for free. That’s how it works.

    Hurry now….

    • I was there on the 29th of August, my date and I only got one popcorn and one drink at #500 and #300 respectively. Is that how it is supposed to be or we got ripped off?

  4. Is furious 8 in kada cinemas now?

  5. What time is Wonder Woman showing tomorrow ? How much is the ticket for Saturday’s

  6. Sorry to ask would you collect other schools identity card. Outside Edo state. A

  7. Today is Monday, so if I come with someone now and I buy one then it’s means I will get one for free right?

  8. When are they showing truth or dare

  9. When is the Showtimes for cartoons or animations?

  10. Please does this promo applies when there is a public holiday on monday

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