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10 Days In Sun City

We already made it clear that AY is Nigeria’s Adam Sandler; with his highly successful comedies( 30 Days In Atlanta and A Trip To Jamaica) breaking Nigerian box office records but still being incredibly cheesy and critically-panned at the same time.

And just like Adam Sandler, AY Makun doesn’t care. He’s making millions of naira and will continue to bless us with his slapstick comedies.  Case in point, AY’s latest project, 10 Days In Sun City, which we are praying and hoping isn’t going to be as awful as Adam Sandler’s Blended, also shot in Sun City, South Africa.

Well, from the trailer it looks like 10 Days In Sun City will definitely be better than Blended because it’s actually (surprisingly) funny! Not funny because it has particularly great comedic lines, but funny in a ‘WTF is happening’ sort of way.  For example, the trailer goes from a regular rom-com to a high-stake action-comedy in a matter of seconds! And these action scenes, while impressive and dramatic are definitely the most hilarious thing about the movie – watching AY softly break bottles in slow motion will seriously make you laugh out loud!

Side note: Mercy Johnson’s line in the trailer is the funniest thing we’ve heard all day: “abeg nor spit for my eye, your spit na eyedrop?”

Starring Adesua Etomi, Mercy Johnson, Falz The Bahd Guy, RMD and more, 10 Days In Sun City hits cinemas across Nigeria on June 23.

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