Tuesday , January 24 2017
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  1. Tickets for two at student price

  2. you guys should work on your ACs. can’t imagine the excruciating experience i had last week when i closed from work to see a movie. ended up leaving the theatre soaked in my own body fluids.

  3. Kada is coooool..i visit whenever am in Benin,almost every week.Love u guyz

  4. Student for two @ student price. I wanna order plz

  5. tickets for two at student price

  6. Tickets for two for the movie: dairy of a lagos girl.

  7. Four tickets for diary of a lagos girl @ student prize. Showing today by 2:15pm

  8. Ticket for one @ student price. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  9. Ticket for TWO (2). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 7:15PM Today 13 April 2016

  10. Ticket for Two (2). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showing @ 7:15pm today 13 April 2016

  11. Aimuan Ikponmwosa

    (2)Tickets for two slated for Wednesday 25th May, to Xmen and Captain America

  12. Ticket for two student @ student price slated for 1st of june any good movie

  13. Ticket for 2 captain America @4:15 and x-men apocalypse@7.00pm. 4 tickets

  14. Stanley Odigie

    When is Atm showing today

  15. When would you be showing warcraft?

  16. Need ticket for 7 for nice guys

  17. When is Ghana must go showing on sunday 10th July. I need two tickets student price.

  18. is suicide squad coming tomorrow

  19. Three tickets to suicide squad 13, 11, 11

  20. I want 2 tickets for suicide squad at 1:30pm on the 17th of August

  21. Mandii
    I need 1 more ticket for suicide squad at 1:30pm on the 17th of August


  23. 8 tickets for A trip to Jamaica 12th of October Wednesday @ 3:45pm

  24. Please I want to watch when love happens again today please when is it going to be on today by what time two tickets @student price please..

  25. Please, i need ticket for two for wednesday 21st dec. 2016

  26. Ehinlaiye Ayamezimi Oziofu

    Pls I need half price ticket for 2 today (28th dec)Your numbers are not going through

  27. please can I get the timetables of the movies showing today

  28. Please can I have 2 tickets for The wedding party today

  29. Ineed a ticket for one 6pm

  30. Ticket for two on Wednesday 4, January 2017. The wedding party 11:30 am. Thank you……

  31. Ticket for six. Wedding party@1:30pm today

  32. Ticket for two. The wedding party @ 1:30pm today

  33. Ticket for 3. The wedding party @7:45 today.

  34. Please do I have to buy tickets for my kids, 3&4 respectively while I want to see a movie, I obviously can’t leave dem out

  35. Tickets for 2. The wedding party at 11 am tomorrow

  36. Please I would like to book six ticket. For the wedding party by 8:30pm today.

  37. please need 10 tickets for wedding party by 8:30pm

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